I’m sure you’ve got a favourite animal or one that was special to you when you were little…

Hola! I’m Vicki Robertson; big fan of pandas, illustrator, maker and dreamer behind Andapanda.

Having grown up in Britain but now living in sunny Barcelona, every day for me is a fun mix of languages. So when I discovered that pandas have the same name across lots of different languages, on top of being awesome, I knew I’d found the perfect animal for my illustration project.

Playing around with rhymes, pencils and fabrics, the name Andapanda and the first panda plushie came to life in 2009.

Remembering back to my little sister asking for a red squirrel soft toy one Christmas, and how hard it was to find an ‘unusual’ animal gift, inspired me to create other quirky animal friends for little ones and you!

From endangered animals to racoons and highland cows, you’ll find an animal friend to match your personality, decorate a room or spark the curiosity of little explorers.

The Andapanda animals like to appear in different shapes and forms; including whimsical plush toys, cheerful illustrated prints for your walls and colourful fabric designs.

Everything is carefully designed and handcrafted with love in my rooftop studio to create imaginative, thoughtful and environmentally responsible gifts that pass on your love of animals.

Each Andapanda softie is one of a kind however they all make great adventure companions and love siestas, big hugs and bringing a smile to your face. If you don’t see your favourite animal here let me know and it might just be the next to join our family!

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