Camel goes to the beach

On Friday the very first andapanda camel was born! So on Sunday we decided to celebrate his arrival and took him to the beach at Sant Pol de Mar to eat a delicious paella with friends and to work on his tan. Camel had a great time and so did we! Now he’s off to Sicily as a present for a friend’s dad who collects camels, so he’s going to have lots of new friends waiting for him when he arrives.

6 replies on “Camel goes to the beach

  • Jolie

    Ayer pasé por la tienda, tuve muchas duda si coprar la muñeca japonesa o el tigre y al final me decidí  y compré una chapa de tigre, hoy mi hijo se ha apoderado de ella porque le ha encantado, no se la quita ni pa comé!!!jjaja Tendré que ir a por otra.

  • p@tRi-ARt

    jajaja muy original! me gustan tus creaciones! 😀

  • The Magic's World

    Pero que simpático y que bonito te ha quedado!!!! Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


  • Wilma

    ala que camello tan guapo, ay esas mejillas sonrojadas me han enamorao


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