Pg de Gracia drawing

plushies on pg de gracia


Passeig de Gràcia is one of the streets I spent the most time on while preparing the new Barcelona collection. The big sights on this street include two of Gaudi’s most well-known houses, La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, both with amazing façades and rooftops.

I found inspiration in the little things under my feet and on the benches. The hexagonal pavement tiles designed by Gaudi were the inspiration for one of my patterns. I love the underwater feel of them (you can find starfish, sea anemone and plants) and the way the pattern fits together.

The ‘trencadis’ tile designs on the benches (similar to those you can find in Park Güell) designed by Gaudi are a great place to have a rest and look at all the little details on the lamp posts above them (try and find the bats!). I drew different broken tile shapes and then filled them with 80’s style patterns. You can find this pattern behind the lizard illustrations here and here and also as a fabric on different accessories.

Photos by Sonia Layola.