Magia Potato!

Andapanda has been on pause for over a year and it’s been ages since I’ve sewn, posted on the blog, on Instagram or been able to make progress on patterns. However today I’m jumping back in again as if it was yesterday and giving myself compassion for all the creative blocks and personal challenges I’ve had in that time.

This illustration is inspired by an expression that my son, Max, made up last year at nursery school. His teacher showed him a trick to put his jacket on all by himself by laying it on the floor upside down, putting his arms in and then throwing it over his head. He’d shout ‘magia potato!’ in excitement every time he managed it. The expression in Spanish is really ‘magia potagia’ (it’s a made-up word for magic tricks, similar to abracadabra) but Max mixed up English and Spanish words to make his own version.

I have it up on the wall next to my computer and seeing it and remembering how proud he was of learning how to do something new makes me smile so much and motivates me to step out of my creative comfort zone. Starting where I left off with this project feels like a joyful ‘magia potato’ moment and I’m excited to get back into it and share patterns, illustrations and sewing inspiration with you! 🙂