Summer has flown by and it’s been 6 months since I’ve posted anything here… I was in Japan in May and since then it’s been really hard to find time to write with all the sewing and markets I’ve been doing and then catching up on all the sleep and holidays I missed!

I was on my stall at the Port Vell Market in Barcelona nearly every day in July and August. It went really well and even though I couldn’t go to the beach at least I had a nice view of the sea… but setting up the stall every day, being outside in the heat all day and making material in the mornings left me exhausted and much in need of holidays!!!
Here’s a view of the port from my stall – would be perfect if you could pop out and have quick swim…
Purses and badges made with the new fabrics I got on my trip to Japan in May

My purple ladybird bicycle trailer full of all my market stuff outside the entrance to the parking space.

Me, Paty and Sonya (la senyora dels anells) on our daily trip from the storage place to the market carrying our entire market stalls including tent, tables etc in the mid day sun!

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